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Online Passport Renewal

If your passport is expired or expiring soon, you may need to apply for a passport reissue/ renewal. The Online Passport Renewal in India is nothing but applying for a new passport but time taken may be reduced as you were already issued a passport once.

To apply for renewal of passport online, you need to fill up a new passport application form, take a print out and submit it in the nearest passport office along with the documents required. Generally, new passport will be issued for 10 years.

Documents Required
For renewal for passport the following documents are required,

  • New passport application form
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Old Passport (if not able to submit old passport, should state reasons for it)
  • Address proof
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy
  • Date of birth proof
  • Notary for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme)
  • An urgency letter for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme)

Police Verification
After submission of the application form for renewal of passport online, your application is sent to concern police station for verification. A police constable may visit your house or the address specified in the application form. Once verification is done your application is again sent to the passport office along with the verification certificate.

Change of Name
It is often happened with the women that they require change of name on their new passport as they get married, re-married or divorce. If anybody requires change of name in the new passport they should submit all the documents required for it. In general, the marriage certificate is enough.

If any person has changed his/her name without any reason then they should submit an affidavit for it. To change your name in passport select the check box in the online application which says - click here if you have changed your name then also enter your previous name.

Fee and Mode of Payment
Fee for online renewal of passport (36 pages) is Rs. 1000/-.
Fee for online renewal of passport (60 pages) is Rs. 1500/-.
Additional Fee for online renewal of passport in Tatkal is Rs. 1500/-
Fee can be paid either through Demand Draft in the name of passport officer concerned or in Cash.

Delivery of Passport
Passport may be delivered only to the applicant or dispatched by speed post to the address given in the application form.