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Parrivaar - Kartavya Ki Pariksha

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Parrivaar - Kartavya Ki Pariksha a Hindi serial that airs on Zee TV. Inspite of the actors being fresh the characters are genuine.

The show is a story of a middle class girl Radha undergoing hurdles in her life to support her poor family. With her father's demise she takes up the responsibility of taking care of her family. She works as a nurse. She becomes the only earning member. Her younger brother, Avinash who is incidentally married lives them off. She works hard for her young siblings, Ankita and Yash. She satisfies everone's needs with no return. Even in her workplace her sufferings does not cease.

She becomes the only source of income for their family. Because of this her family is reluctant to get her married as that may make them suffer financially. Among these problems her neighborhood childhood friend, Mohit supports her a lot and also a loving mother-in-law in Mohit’s mother, Uma who adores her and her mother makes a condition that they would get married if the monthly salary is at least Rs. 25,0000/month. 

==Created by :== Miditech

==Written by :== Damini Shetty & Mitali Directed by Rajesh Babbar

==Produced by :== Niret Alva & Nikhil Alva

Cast :

Deepti Devi
Neena Cheema
Alka Shlesha
Mohit Sharma/Ashish Kapoor
Shweta Shinde
Sonali Verma
Ankita Srivastava
Parth Mehrotra
Kapil Soni
Harsh Vasishta
Payal Nair
Amit Singh Thakur
Melissa Pias

==Telecast time:== 7.30 P.M to 8.00 P.M (30 mins long)

==When :== Telecasted on Monday - Friday.

==Which TV :== Zee TV