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Personal Accident - Individual From Oriental Insurance Company

The oriental insurance company has designed the personal accident insurance policy to cover for accidents. In every individual’s life the risk of accidents are exposed in spite of all the precautions taken. In an accident there could be loss of limbs or permanent or partial disablement and even death.

Policy coverage

Policy will compensate for those injuries caused directly and solely from an accident out of visible, violent and external means resulting in death, permanent or partial or temporary disablement.

The policy also provides additional benefits by not paying extra premium.


This policy provides benefits such as cumulative bonus, expenses incurred for carrying the dead body will be compensated and children education fund. By taking the policy for the family from the oriental insurance company the provides discounts on the policy.

Risks that are covered

This policy will reimburse expenses on the insured provided that the injuries sustained is resulted directly and solely from an accident.

The policy will not cover for the following reasons

If the insured has attempted suicide or committed suicide then the insurance company will not pay for the policy taken

If the insured has caused intentional self injury

Under the intoxication of liquor or drugs if there is an accident

Expenses related to pregnancy

Disablement or death resulting from pregnancy and child birth

War or war like peril and allied perils.

By taking out a personal accident cover the person insured will not have to bear financial crisis.