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Personal Accident Insurance Disablement Claim Procedure Of Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance

Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company offers various insurance policies for various needs. Personal Accident Insurance and disablement is one of them.

The policy holder’s family should inform about the death to the Insurance Company. They may use the email at or call the toll free number 1800 345 88 99. After intimation about the incident, the company would take around 30 days to send the personal accident insurance claim form to the family members.

Documents to be submitted

The claim form should be properly filled in and all the relevant documents should be attached before submission. The death certificate in original, report of the post mortem, investigation report, police complaint report, information from the hospital, insertion in the newspaper and any other chemical test report needs to be submitted along with the claim form.

Service provider may be engaged by the Company to verify the details that were enclosed. In the case of the claim being approved, the cheque would be sent to the person nominated in the personal accident insurance policy. However, if there is no nomination, then the amount would be given to the legal heir.

After intimation to the Company, the claim form would then be forwarded within 30 days of receiving the same. This need to be filled in properly and all the necessary documents stated below should be submitted.

  • Certificate stating the disability.
  • Report of the accident.
  • Police complaint report.
  • Report from the hospital.
  • Incretions in the newspaper if there is any.

The Company would get a third party to verify the details submitted. On successful compilation of the same, the cheque would be then given to the claimant.