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Platform Ticket

Like other public places Railway platform is a prohibited area and entry is not free. Indian railway has got some forms of restrictions to restrict the entry of people to the railway premises. In this way railway wants entry of people only for a purpose like seeing off their relatives or purchasing advance tickets or booking luggage or for some other official purposes. For time pass there are public parks and railway does not want platform used for time pass activities.

And to disallow or restrict the movements of people Railway sells a ticket known as platform ticket. A platform ticket is a card or paper ticket that costs Rs. 3 and it is valid for only 2 hours from the time of purchase. It should be remembered that Platform ticket is not a journey ticket and not also a ticket for unrestricted movements of people. In big stations, to completely disallow people sale of Platform ticket is stopped in peak hours. This is made to check the entry of people with wrong intentions. In the wake of terrorist activities this is being done in big stations. So before entry, please verify what the restricted hours are and what free hours are.

Platform is also used in unforeseen condition to make journey if a passenger approaches the Guard or Conductor of a train. Conductor or Guard then issues a Certificate which is used to issue ticket without any penalty.

A journey ticket holder needs not buy a platform ticket as his or her ticket entitles entry and movement. Similarly, Season Ticket holders also are not required to purchase a platform ticket.

While leaving the railway premises a passenger need to hand over the same to the ticket checking staff and should not try to resale the ticket. A person found in the railway premises without requisite journey ticket or pass or platform ticket is dealt as a ticket less traveler and penalized accordingly. People should also remember that platform ticket is not a ticket for unrestricted and unrestrained movement of the holder.

Ncc cadets, Ambulance staff and higher ups from the state or central government need not purchase a platform ticket. So, purchase a platform ticket before entry into the railway premises and see off your near and dear ones with smiles.