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Procedure of Lodging Fir In case of theft and dacoity

During journey though no one wants some kinds of small or big theft or robbery occurs in trains. People loss their valuable and wail for that. They loss some vital things like Credit Card, Atm cards, jewelry items, Educational Certificates, Important papers, Cell phones, Cash, Clothes and many other things. Though Indian railway takes care of the security of the passenger on board still there is a huge gap and many more things are to be done. It should be remembered here that Railway is no way responsible for the loss of any un-booked articles or luggage. During journey like in air plane, passenger doesn’t declare what he or she is carrying and hence loss of such things cannot be claimed. Further such a system is yet to be introduced in the Indian Railway. So before journey one should make up his mind to desist from carrying valuable items.

However, in case such a unforeseen situation arises there are facility provided by the Indian Railway to submit the First Information Report and pass such paper without the hassles of alighting or detaining trains. In every night train railway provides RPF or GRP escort for the safety and security of passenger luggage. They can be approached to lodge Fir as they happen to carry the required form. They in turn try to inform a base station to track down or send such report to the actual or possible area of the crime or theft. This helps in pin pointing the culprits or in getting back theft articles. Train Conductors or guard also have this kind of forms and they also do this to forward such form to a base station to track down or hunt for the theft articles.

This facilitates passengers to continue their journey and present a photo copy of such Fir to issue any duplicate lost papers like education certificates or any valuable papers. Travel light and always secure your luggage by locking. Don’t leave your luggage unlocked. As security is a controversial subject between the central and the state government, there are some lacunae in our system. So in this case it is good to remember that Prevention is better than Cure.