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Protection Plans

The main aim of the Protection Plans is to protect and serve according to the need of the customer and thus to safeguard the family of the policy holder from any kind financial problem or unfortunate incidents. Under the Protection Plans, ICICI Prudential has brought for its customers the below mentioned plans;

• Plan Name - Pure Protect

• Plan Type - Traditional

• Plan Name - LifeGuard

• Plan Type - Traditional

• Plan Name - Save'n'Protect

• Plan Type - Traditional

• Plan Name - CashBak

• Plan Type - Traditional

• Plan Name - Home Assure

• Plan Type – Traditional

The life insurance is the best type investment options available for the customers.

The life insurance policies like Protection Plans provide protection to the assets and also provide asset appreciation. The main benefit of such plan is that it provides protection to the family of the policy holder. It also has a strong wealth creation proposition and thus the customer receives benefits two counts and life insurance also covers the space for other investment options available in the market.

There are several goals in a customer’s life for which the customer needs to save. The need may be getting married, investing in new house, planning for the future educations for children etc. with the changing of the family the goal also changes and thus there is the need of life insurance covers like Protection Plans.

All the plans are not suitable for each and every people and thus separate plans are designed with different features keeping in point the primary need.