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Public Liability Industrial Insurance Policy From Bharati AXA General Insurance

Coverage of the policy

The Public Liability Industrial Insurance policy from Bharati AXA General Insurance acts as a good measure of protection if your company is bearing losses or costs or repairs due to omission or commission. The policy covers for liabilities to the third party in the case of body injury or damage to property or accidental death. It also covers legal expenditures that are incurred by the insured person. It also includes payment of liability against pollution risk or contamination of natural resources.

Significant features of the Public Liability Industrial Insurance policy

The policy is applicable only if you claim it. The policy should not be expired during the time of the exigency.

If you want to discontinue with the policy you should notify the company within 90 days.

The policy also covers employees of the insured, members of the insured person’s canteen or social or medical club and the personal representative of the property of person.

The Public Liability Industrial Insurance policy from Bharati AXA General Insurance does not cover certain areas which are:

1) Natural calamity like floods, earthquake, storm, tornado etc.
2) Purposeful negligence of statutory norms of the administrative organization of the insured party.
3) Loss of finance due to loss of goodwill and market
4) Personal injuries like slander, false arrest, defamation, illegal detention.
5) War, nuclear threat, terrorist activities
6) Violation of copyright, plans, registered logo or branding, trademark.
7) Materials in transit unless previously insured
8) Damage that has happened before the retroactive date of the policy.