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RTO Form

Regional transport department of various states of India maintains various RTO forms for different purposes like driving license issue, vehicle registration or for the renewal of license issued already etc. Each of these RTO forms need to be submitted along with the required documents. The information specified here gives you a clear picture of various RTO forms.

RTO Forms of driving license and other documents required

  • RTO form to issue of learners license is CMV-2.
  • The document required to get learner license is duly filled CMV-2 form along with age proof certificate, address proof.
  • The charge for issuing learner’s license varies from one state RTO to another.
  • The RTO form to issue duplicate learner license is KMV-1A.
  • The KMV-1A RTO form should be duly filled and should be submitted with other documents like copy of old learners license, address proof, age proof etc
  • The charge for issuing duplicate learner’s license varies from one state to other.
  • RTO form required for the renewal of driving licence is CMV-4.
  • CMV-4 should be duly filled and submitted along with other documents like address proof, age proof, learner’s license etc.
  • RTO form required for renewal of conductor license is KMV-13 AND KMV-15.
  • These duly filled forms should be submitted along with other copy of required documents like old driving license copy, age proof, address proof etc
  • You can download RTO forms on or submit online form at

RTO Form vehicle registration

  • RTO Form required for the temporary registration of vehicle is KMV-18.
  • The documents required are a copy of ID proof, age proof, address proof etc.
  • RTO form required to permanent registration of your vehicle is CMV-20
  • The documents required to submitted along with this RTO form is address proof, vehicle ownership proof, address proof etc.
  • RTO form required to transfer of ownership is CMV-29 AND CMV-30
  • The document required are vehicle ownership copy, age proof, etc.
  • The RTO form required for the termination of Hire purchase or lease is CMV-35.
  • the document should be submitted copy of driving license, learner license etc.
  • The forms can be downloaded by logging on to the link

RTO form various states rules and regulations