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Ranganathan Street

Ranganathan Street is one of the most famous places to enjoy shopping in Chennai. The street is not just another shopping hub, where you may find some cars parked there, while others are walking. This street is perhaps the busiest shopping street and most crowded street located in the T. Nagar, Chennai.

The Ranganathan Street boasts of an assortment of things to shop for ranging from exquisite jewelry stores to safety pins, with loads of high-end stores filled with household goods. The street is a paradise for the shopping enthusiasts for almost every age group.

Ranganathan Street boasts of everything and allures loads of shopping enthusiasts’ right from school goers, tiny tots, elderly and teens. The place is definitely not meant for touch me not types.

MoreInfo about Ranganathan Street

Ranganathan Street stretches from North of Usman road, filled with plethora of food joints, juice corners and sweet shops. The street is jam-packed with the retail outlets along with the pavement shops. The crowd basically surges to astonishing amounts during the season of festivals in Chennai. At a proximity to the bus terminal of T. Nagar and Mambalm railwayhead makes Ranganathan Street, most preferred hub for shopping. The street is at busiest during the festival of Diwali since it offers various commodities to purchase. Finding a place for your vehicle can be tiring and dreadful.

History of Ranganathan Street

Ranganathan Street was named after the Rangaswamy Iyengar Street, since there was this usual tradition to name the streets after the resident who has its first house at the street, irrespective of the contribution, caste or class. Mr. Tulip Rangaswamy Iyengar was a retired civil-servant of the previous Presidency of Madras. He constructed his house in the hourly 20s.

Commercial shops

The Ranganathan Street also boats of several famous stores and shops, which includes:

Ajmeer Fancy Store
Textile India
Rathna Stores
Jeyachandran Jewelry & Textile
Saravana Stores

You can also pick and choose various household articles, CDs and apparel from family stores, lined on the streets. The street also encompasses flower vendor and vegetable vendors on the Ranganathan Street. The Street is one the best options to shop around to purchase comparatively cheap household goods, vessels, electronics and merchandise.