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Reliance Baggage Insurance Claims Procedure

Action to be taken for the quick recovery of your claim

1) Intimate the ISOS offices immediately for Reliance Baggage Insurance Claims. In case you are unable to do it personally then you can send a relative or friend on your behalf to place the claim.

2) In the case of road accident you need to inform the relevant authorities. You need to have all the medical bills and receipts with you in original from the doctors and medical institutions.

3) You need to get the claim form, fill it and submit it to the Reliance Baggage Insurance Claim Company.

4) In case of loss of passport you need to lodge a complaint with the police immediately and also contact y our embassy to obtain a duplicate passport.

5) In the case of baggage loss you need to inform the airlines authorities of the same and get a PIR report from them. In the case of delay or cancellation or missed connection you need to inform the airlines.

6) If it is a financial emergency then you need to inform the police and also the Reliance Baggage Insurance Claims service providers.

Benefits of Reliance Baggage Insurance Claims

With Reliance Baggage Insurance Claims you are guaranteed to get the lowest premiums, quick claim settlements, cashless claims, round-the-clock services, timely renewals.

With so much of traveling on your agenda, you surely feel the need to take protection against the exigencies while traveling. Reliance Baggage Insurance Claim Company gives you some of the finest policies so you can have a tension-free trip.