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Reliance Burglary & Housebreaking Insurance Policy

Purpose and Benefits

Escalating crime rates have become a concern for all of us today. Burglary ant robbery has become common crimes in today’s day and age. Holding valuable commodities in possession without insuring its value is very risky. No one can predict mans nature and actions. To address his problem Reliance General Insurance has designed a policy to provide protection against such crimes and losses incurred because of acts of burglary and housebreaking.


  • Carefully designed policy plan to cover for losses incurred due to burglary and break-ins into office or house premises.
  • Cover for loss is available after assessment of maximum loss probability on a first loss basis.
  • Loss due to riot, strike, theft is also covered.
  • There are various options for capital sum variation available under different schemes.

The Policy covers the following

  • Any loss of property inside the insured premises (stocks, furniture, equipments etc) owned by the person insured.
  • Commission or extra benefit in monetary terms for stock for which the insured is liable. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Damage caused to premises or valuables and or furniture because of burglary or attempt of robbery.
  • Valuables such as cash, jewelry etc specifically insured.


  • Loss of goods will not be covered if not specified in the policy.
  • Theft without evidence of forced entry.
  • Acts of shop lifting, loss resulting from war or nuclear perils.


Policy can be adopted by any person in possession of property and valuables of some kind that are under burglary threat and housebreaking.