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Reliance Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy

Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy of the Reliance General Insurance is an effective insurance packages that is devised to provide cover to any industrial/non-industrial organizations against any damage or loss that is incurred to the parties due to any accidental bodily injury or accidental death to third parties or due to loss or damage incurred to the property of third parties.

Important benefits of Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy

  • It covers legal liability risks for both industrial and non-industrial organizations.
  • Claims Reporting Periods and Extended Notification are applicable.
  • Full protection against several types of third party liability risks.
  • Free to choose voluntary excess to avail the benefit of discount in premium.
  • Extends cover to several risks which pollution, technical collaborators' liability, transportation, acts of god, effluents, etc.

What are covered?

  • Legal costs and other related expenses that the Insured incurs with prior consent of the Company.
  • Legal liability of the insured due to any damage or loss to the third party as a result of accidental bodily injury or death or damage or loss to any property of the third party.

Extensions covered under Public Liability (Act) Insurance Policy

  • Pollution Cover: Liability as a result of pollution or contamination of water or land or atmosphere or any other tangible property.
  • Technical Collaborators' Liability: any liability in the event of any accidents caused as a result of defects in the processes or designs supplied by the technical collaborators.
  • Effluents Risk: Liability as a result of Carriage of effluents outside the premises.
  • Transportation Risk: any liability in the event of transportation or conveyance of hazardous substance or material.
  • Act of God perils: any liability resulting due to any act of god perils on the basis of earthquake zone according to the fire insurance tariff.