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Requirements to join Indian Army

Indian Army is one of the powerful army forces of the world. It has been a large employer by giving various opportunities to Indian citizens in its various branches like Indian air force, Indian navy force, Indian arm force etc. The information specified below gives you more detail on requirements to join Indian army and more.

Requirements to join Indian army based on various posts

  • First and foremost requirement to join Indian army is that one should be an Indian citizen.
  • One should be at least 18 years and above to serve in any post of Indian army.
  • The education qualification to join any Indian army commission should be minimum of 10+2 which later includes graduation, post graduation and more.

Procedure to apply for Indian army online

Indian army medical procedure

  • Medical fitness is one of the important requirements to join Indian army.
  • Candidate would undergo thorough medical check up for qualifying any post of Indian Army.
  • Visit to know the different provisions and facilities offered by Indian army while making a candidate to undertake medical checkup.

Procedure to apply for Indian army in person

  • One can apply for Indian army by downloading the application form of various posts via online you can find out the different requirements to join Indian army listed down in this link.
  • You can also find the advertisements on EMPLOYMENT NEWS paper of various vacant posts available at Indian army.
  • One can also check the aptitude by taking a online test on this website.
  • One can register on and get the latest updates and information on Indian army.
  • For more queries on requirements of Indian army you can visit and post your queries here.