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Retiring Room and Dormitory

During journey every passenger wants some relaxation or a brief stay. Railway has realized the needs of its users and has got some cost effective solutions in the form of Retiring room and Dormitory. In all most all important stations Indian railway provides the facility of Retiring Room and Dormitory.


Dormitory is a like a community sleeping hall. In such places railway provides a bed, a locker for light personal luggage. The cost of per bed differs from station to station that can be known from the station proper after arrival. In the zonal time table Indian railway publishes the list of such stations in which it has got the facility of Dormitory.

Retiring Room:

Some stations do not have Retiring room facility though they have got dormitory. This as the name suggest is booking an entire room for private use or to maintain some exclusiveness. A double bed room’s key is handed over to the passenger. Such rooms happen to be attached. Drinking water, bed light, sofa etc are provided to the person. This is suitable for a small family. Further, luggage keeping in such room is secured.

A bearer would always attend to the occupants in dormitory and retiring room. He or she will provide rugs in winter; changes bed sheets, arranges for cleaning of the room or dormitory or provides drinking water.

You need a journey ticket or proper pass to book a bed in dormitory or a Retiring room. The check out time is 24 hours that starts from the time of booking and not like lodges in the town that prescribes a particular check out time disregarding the booking time. After the end of the 24 hour period such booking is available for renewal after certain renewal fees. This is a very useful facility of the Indian Railway that provides some rest and relaxation at nominal charge. Both dormitories and Retiring rooms happen to be Air-conditioned and normal. And accordingly, their charges vary from station to station.

These facilities are cost effective as the charges are not that high and changeable at short notice like those inside the town that change at whim. While you want such facility in your journey, must check what the railway offers before going to a lodge in the town. Of course that is your personal decision.