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SBI Bangalore

SBI Bangalore, now Bengaluru, is one of a trusted government bank of the city. SBI or State Bank of India was established in 1973. Its commitment to nation building is comprehensive and provides facilities for farmers, domestic treasury as well as small business activities. SBI has over 16000 branches and above 5000 ATMs in the country. It is listed as one of the most reputable banks in the Forbes list and has about 52 offices / branches in 32 countries around the world. SBI plans to launch 1000 branches and 10,000 ATMs more in the fiscal year 2009-10 mostly in urban and semi-rural areas.

Services provided by SBI Bangalore:

SBI Bangalore, has 109 branches as well as 124 ATM centers all over the city and its outskirts. Now that SBI has embraced the latest technology and made the banking accessible through the net too, it provides net banking services like personal banking. SBI Bangalore also provides saving and current bank accounts along with information on different kinds of deposit schemes like term deposits, recurring deposit account and SBI Tax Savings Scheme. The SBI in Bangalore also has rural branches which help the agriculturists to avail facilities from the bank. The bank also helps them to educate about agricultural loans and other saving schemes and help them with their financial status.

NRI banking like remittances to India, NRI deposit schemes, NRI home loan and many more are available with SBI Bangalore. Other than that SBI in Bangalore provides services like safe deposit locker, gift cheques, e-pay, e-rail, domestic treasury, ATM services, <a href="/node/64703">SBI credit cards</a>, loan services as well as broking services to its customers. For more details you can visit:,10

Some of the branches of SBI Bangalore are listed below:

P.B.No.4415, RajajiNagar Industrial Estate, Bangalore - 560044
Phone: (080) 23159307, 23151413
Fax: 23303014

P.B.No. 5310, Bangalore Main, Bangalore - 560001
Phone: (080) 25943316, 25943317
Fax: 22213821

No.22, J C Road, Bangalore - 560002
Phone: (080) 2216699, 2218779
Fax: 2216699

Jalahalli, Bangalore - 560013
Phone: (080) 28385923, 25943282
Fax: 28381120

P.B.2476, No.12/13, Bangalore - 560024
Phone: (080) 23437623, 23332828
Fax: 23437623

Common contact number for SBI Bangalore:
You can now call SBI toll free at: 1800112211 or 080-26599990 from any BSNL or MTNL phone and access your account balance and transaction details on phone all 24 hours. Information on deposits and loan schemes and other bank services can also be accessed through this channel.

Official site: