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SBI Demat Account Charges

The State Bank of India provides a 3-1 online trading account. This account is an integration of savings account; demat account and online trading account. This demat service include investments in cash or derivatives. Users can trade in equities, commodities, mutual funds, IPOs and more online trading. SBI demat account gives instant access to the online markets and derivatives. SBI demat service is available for 24*7 for the help of the customer. The State Bank of India has over 1500 of demat branches which help easy transaction for the customers. Timely advice is available from the customer care services to ensure the user picks the right opportunity. The bank authorities provide customized trading experience to suite the needs and demands of the later. Through the 24*7 e- banking facility one can easily get hold of the billings and transactions, order for booklets which will be delivered at the doorstep of the customer, check and get the record of ISINs.

Following are the given SBI demat account charges:

  • Nothing is required as SBI demat account charges for opening the account.
  • Any one who wants to close the account will also not have to pay any charge for this action.
  • The SBI demat account charges for maintenance is (Rs 350 per annum for customers receiving statements by email) Rs 400.
  • Dematerialization of the account charges Rs 35 for each request form and Rs 2 for each certificate.
  • Rematerialization of the account charges Rs 25 for each request form.
  • Rs 30 for the additional account statements if delivered by mail or else free for emails.
  • No charges applicable for buying equities.
  • Selling of equities (through SBICAP) charge 0.03% i.e. minimum Rs 30 depending upon the total value of the transaction.