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Safal Jeevan Money Back Plan Of ING Vysya Life Insurance.

This policy has been introduced by ING Vysya Life Insurance so as to help those people that are going to have their first insurance policy. This policy has been formulated to offer insurance cover in safe and easy way.

In this policy the customer only needs to choose a suitable money back plan that can be easily availed from the pre-packaged solutions. The process for subscribing to this policy is very simple since this one is absolutely free from all hassles. This policy also allows the subscriber to decide the term for making the payment of the insurance premiums.

Some of the major benefits that Safal Jeevan Money Back Plan offers to its subscribers are as follows:

  • This is also one of the insurance policies of ING Vysya Life Insurance that offers maturity as well as survival benefits to its subscribers.
  • During the term of this policy the payouts are done at regular intervals.
  • This policy also features extended life coverage.

Some of the important features of the Safal Jeevan Money Back Plan are as follows:

  • The minimum age limit for subscribing to this policy is eighteen years and the maximum age limit is forty for the policy term of twenty years and forty four for the term of sixteen years. The maximum maturity age for this policy is sixty years.
  • There are two fixed policy term namely sixteen and twenty years respectively. So people can choose the term that suits them the best.
  • Like all other insurance policies of ING Vysya term for the payment of premium in this policy is also same. The options for the payment of premium are annually, half-yearly or quarterly.
  • The minimum premium that is to be paid in this policy is rupees three thousand per year. The half-yearly and quarterly premium is Rs. 1500/- and Rs. 750/- respectively.