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Sahara Samay

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About Sahara Samay

Sahara Samay is a 24 hour Hindi News channel belonging to Sahara India Pariwar. It is one of the six free-to-air news channels. The channel employs more than thousand journalists. The channel focus on metros and smaller cities and the stories from rural areas are still few and far between them.

Sahara Samay claims to be different in the cluster of Hindi news channels available in the nation. It uses a dynamic circular logo, which does not carry the channel`s name as against the other channels, which have logos incorporating the names of the channels. The Sahara Samay logo consists of colors of the Indian flag and people on the periphery holding hands. Located on the right hand corner of the screen, the logo actually moves in a clockwise direction. All the presenters of the channel wear the Sahara Samay Logo unlike any other channel presenters.

Sahara Samay four main presenters

The four main presenters of this channel are Vinod Dua, Shireen, Sudhir Choudhary and Arup Ghosh. The reporters use proper Hindi without resorting to Bambaiya or other dialects and minimal English words. The screen has two crawlers or tickers - one of which gives stock market quotes. During the day, one of the scrolls shows the stock market prices. Foreign exchange rates are also shown in the right hand bottom corner. Post stock market trading hours, this is replaced by general news.

The channel also has its favourites or more correctly said- Politics still rules as the channel is targeting the Hindi belt. Despite the presence of Samajwadi Party`s Amar Singh on the Sahara Parivar Board, the channel has been giving a lot of coverage to the ruling party BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) as well as the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) Sangh Parivar (family). Yes, the usual favourites - "Ayodhya temple" and "Ganga pollution issues" - feature regularly.

Sahara Samay for its network news room technology won the “Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award” in the year 2006. Sahara Samay is now available in US also. Sahara Samay has gained significant viewership during recent days.

Sahara Samay Programs

• Manchahi
• Kuch Aur Khabre
• Teh Tah
• Khel Samay
• Cinema Samay
• Aaap Ki Aaavraj
• People's Voice

Sahara Samay Programs

==Kuch Aur Khabre -== about people and issues, which are so small that they would get lost in anonymity.

==Manchahi –== story, which are different and offbeat not necessarily of national importance but significant enough to provide some insights.

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