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Introduction :

This show is the story of Ganga as she struggles through life - going from her small town to the big city in search of her love. For a small town girl, Ganga has big dreams. Dreams that her poor school master-father Deena Nath has seen for her. Deena Nath wants Ganga to pursue college in Mumbai, and become free-spirited and an independently thinking person. But destiny plays its old hand and Ganga finds it difficult to her aspirations.

==Produced & Directed By :== Fox Television Studios

Cast :

Jennifer Charles Winget - Ganga Deenanath Sharma
Chaithaniya Chaudhary - Sagar Bhatia
Shaleen Banot - Madan Lal
Sangita Patel - Muhasvati Bhatia

Timings :

Program will be telecasted at 7.00 – 7.30 PM.

When :

On Monday to Thursday.

Which TV :

Star Plus