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Saudi Arab Visa India

Saudi Arab Visa application goes through significant stringent process. You need to apply for a Saudi Arab Visa just three months before your arrival to the country. Individuals taking a transit through Saudi Arab airport and do not have any intention of stepping out of the airport and catching up the next onward flight to their final destination within 18 hours of time do not require any transit visa for Saudi Arab.

For work or business visa Saudi Arab requires vaccination and health certificate as a part of the visa application documents. Exit visa is required for work visa holders but not required for tourist visa holders. Unlike other visas for Saudi Arab the visa validity starts from the first day of entry unto Saudi Arab.

Saudi Arab Tourist Visa:

Tourist visas are granted with only sponsorships and for the purpose of visiting friends or relatives. Any person who is given Saudi Arab Tourist Visa could get deported from the country even with a valid visa if they behave indecently or do not comply with Saudi Arab laws and traditions. Women entering Saudi Arab on a tourist visa need to have a male receiving her at the airport with a confirmed accommodation of stay for her duration of stay in Saudi Arab. Tourist Visas are issued with 6 months validity with a confirmed return ticket in hand.

Saudi Arab Business Visa:

Saudi Arab Business Visa needs a sponsorship letter from an approved Saudi Arab Business in the form of an invitation letter signed by Saudi Arab chamber of commerce and Ministry of affairs.

Saudi Arab Embassy in India:

Saudi Arabia embassy, India
2, Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi, India - 110057
Phone: +91-11-26144102, +91-11-26144073, +91-11-26144083
Fax: +91-11-26144244, +91-11-26144201

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