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Schemes and Funds for Agriculture in India

Schemes and Funds for Agriculture in India

Macro Management of Agriculture (Scheme-2000)

  • Assistance is in the rate of 90:10 basis. (100% in NE states)

Schemes subsumed under this are-

(a) Integrated Cereal Development Programme based cropping system areas (ICDP-Wheat).
(b) ICDP-Rice
(c) ICDP- Coarse Cereala
(d) Sustainable development of Sugarcane based cropping system (SUBACS)
(e) Speicla Jute Development Programme (SJDP)

Schemes and Funds for Agriculture in India

  • Intensive Cotton Development Programme (ICDP), now as Mini Mission II of Technology Mission on Cotton (in 13 states) is continuing during 2008-09.
  • The Govt. of India has approved Jute Technology Mission (JTM) in June 2006. The Mini-Mission-II of the mission is implemented in 10 Eastern and North-Eastern States of the country for increasing production and quality of Jute and Alied Fiber Crops.
  • On Farm Water Management Scheme in Eastern India for the efficient utilization of ground/ surface water increase the production and productivity of food grains. (the funding pattern of the scheme is 20 (by beneficiaries): 30 (GOI): 50 (banks)).

Launched in March 2002. This Scheme has been discountinued from 2006-07.

Schemes and Funds for Agriculture in India


  • “National Horticulture Mission” Scheme – 2005.
  • To supply adequate quality of planting material to improve area under HYV, to strengthen infrastructure, for Post Harvest handling, marketing and export etc. (presently 10 Schemes are subsumed in it).
  • Technology Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture in N.E. States, Sikkim, J & K, H.P. and Uttaranchal (Small farmers Agri business Consortium (SFAC) is involved in co-ordinating this scheme.

Mini Mission I----Research----Co-ordinated and Implemented by ICAR
Mini Mission II--Production & Productivity--Co-ordinated by Dept.
Improvement of Agri & Cooperation. Implemented by Agri/Horti Deptt. Of States.
Mini Misison III-----Post Harvest Management----- Co-ordinated by

& Marketing & export National Hort. Board

Mini Mission IV----- Processing.----Coordinated & Implemented by
Ministry of food Processing industries.