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Schools in Kolkata

The Schools in Kolkata can be ranked amongst the Best Schools in the country. Kolkata schools that are imparting education from many years to students have the reputation of having huge infrastructure facilities, High standards of education, a balanced curriculum with extracurricular activities and sports.

The list of schools in Kolkata includes the name of some of the very famous schools across the country. The Apeejay School, Birla High School, The Loreto Schools are many other schools can be named that are offering a quality education to their pupils.

The schools in Kolkata can be seen with affiliation to various boards imparting education mostly through English medium. There are many schools Private or Government recognized that are impacting the academic education through the English or Bengali medium. Study of foreign languages is also included in the syllabus of many public schools.

In addition to Sports and co-curricular activities, many schools in Kolkata have integrated vocational training in the school syllabus. Computer education, sports coaching, music, and arts make the students grow his personality.

Most of the schools in Kolkata are co-educational schools. Some of them also have boarding facilities. The Boarding Schools in Kolkata are affiliated to various boards of education. Many outstation students pursue their education in these schools.

Kolkata also has a chain of KVS schools that are known as Kendriya Vidyalaya Kolkata that is specially located in areas with a huge population of Central Govt. Employees. These schools cater to the need of high-quality education to the children of floating population.

The number of Residential Schools in Kolkata together with CBSE Schools in Kolkata and ICSE Schools in Kolkata are amongst the many Schools that are open to admissions up to the senior secondary level in Kolkata. With the education, the students of these schools receive they can pursue their further University education anywhere in the country or in any part of the world.

The number of International schools and public schools in Kolkata is increasing every year and many reputed names such as Army Public Schools, St. Xavier's Collegiate School, All Ashok Hall Group of Schools and many other top schools in Kolkata are serving the bright students of Kolkata in the field of education right from nursery schools to their senior secondary classes and thus being ranked among the best and top schools in Kolkata.

The students receive the knowledge in the classroom through the textbooks and different school projects, job sheets and assignments help them to know every aspect of the subject. They are provided with the sports coaches and physical trainers to learn and compete in different sports competitions bringing pride to Kolkata. The arts and Music are the part of Co-curricular activities to provide an opportunity to contribute to the cultural heritage of the county.

Annual gatherings, study tours, and Picnics provide the students an atmosphere to know and interact with the social circle. All schools in Kolkata are providing the students with such opportunities.