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Seba Co Operative Health Society Ltd.

The Seba Co Operative Health Society Ltd. caters to most types of medical cases. As these centers are wide spread they are able to reach out to a vast number of the population. Emergency rooms, X-ray, ECG, Blood Sugar testing / Glucose level monitoring etc are some of the basic amenities that it offers. The institute also doubles as a training centre for nurses, laboratory technicians and doctors and basic medical checkups for entry level executives. Illnesses treated here are generally caught in the first stages and hence is cured with less complications. Doctors associated with the institute are dedicated and can be reached all around the clock.

To cater to the various medical needs of the bustling metropolitan city of Kolkata, West Bengal in India, a number of hospitals and medical care units have been seen developing in and around the state and in the suburbs of Kolkata over the last few years. One such institute is the Seba Co Operative Health Society Ltd. in Salt Lake, suburb of Kolkata. Resident Indians are fast realizing the importance of health and hygiene and thus these hospitals are flourishing as never before. The health insurance sector also plays an important role in the success of these hospitals as the people now have more spending power.

The Seba Co Operative Health Society Ltd. is a blessing in disguise for the people of West Bengal providing a two fold benefit as not only does it provide health and medical services but also creates a number of Job Opportunities in a locality.