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Shakthipunj Express

The Shakthipunj Express connects Jabalpur with Howrah station in Kolkata.

Shakthipunj Express No. 1447 runs from Jabalpur to Howrah station in Kolkata. This is a daily train running on all seven days of the week.

The train leaves at 11.40 PM and reaches its destination at 4.15 AM. In all, the train takes 28 hours and 35 minutes to complete its journey. This is a mail express train that stops at 40 stations before reaching its final destination. The distance from Jabalpur to Howrah is 1151 kms.

Tatkal facility is available for those who are prepared to pay the Tatkal charges for a confirmed ticket. The train consists of just two categories of seats- 2nd AC berths and Sleeper berths. The majority of the train consists of Sleeper berths only. The fare for a 2nd AC berth is Rs. 1364 and the fare for the Sleeper ticket is Rs. 363.

Shakthipunj Express No. 1448 runs the other way round i.e. from Howrah to Jabalpur. This train too consists of 2nd AC berths and Sleeper berths alone. This is a daily train that begins its journey at 2.30 PM. The train reaches its final destination i.e. Jabalpur at 4.05 PM. The entire journey takes 25 hours and 35 minutes with the train stopping at as many as 41 stations. Tatkal facility is available in this Mail Express train as well.