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Silkworm Insurance Of National Insurance Company

There is a policy from National Insurance Company which insures those dealing in or whose business is involving silkworms against any kind of losses.

Many types of silkworms are covered from Mulberry silkworms of Univoltine to Bivoltine or Multivoltine breeds alone.

In addition the Silkworm Insurance of National Insurance Company covers only disease free layings purchased from proper licensed seed prepares/Graineurs or Government/Grainages.

The silkworms are covered from the time they are not born even and the egg stage right up to the cocoon stage.

The Silkworm insurance of National Insurance Company covers the clients and insures him against the following:

  • Death due to disease or accident and
  • Total or Partial loss

There are however certain exclusions to the policy and theyare:

Any kind o purposeful injury

Theft, sale or missing

Non supply of mulberry leaves

Attacked by Ants, lizards, rats and

Loss of crop due to Pebrine disease up to 2 moults.