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Sinhagad Express

Sinhagad Express runs between Mumbai CST and Pune. This train is a blessing for the regular commuters traveling between these two destinations. Sinhagad Express Train No. 1009 goes from Mumbai CST to Pune. It consists of AC Chair Car and 2nd Sitting seats only. There is no Sleeper berths facility because the distance from Mumbai to Pune is covered in a span of a few hours.

Sinhagad Express runs on daily basis. It leaves Mumbai CST at 2.30 PM and reaches Pune at 6.40 PM on the same day. Thus, it takes 4 hours and 10 minutes to cover the distance. On its way, it stops at 11 stations. This Mail Express runs for 192 kms- the distance between Mumbai and Pune. Normal fare is Rs. 237 for AC Chair Car and Rs. 67 for 2nd Sitting. The low-costing ticket makes it more customer-friendly. Tatkal tickets will be slightly more expensive.

To travel from Pune to Mumbai CST, you must opt for Sinhagad Express Train No. 1010. This train also has same facilities for passengers as Train No. 1009. AC Chair Car and 2nd Sitting, daily travel, tatkal tickets and the distance traveled- all are the same. This train leaves Pune at 6.05 AM and reaches Mumbai CST in 4 hours at 10.05 AM. It makes 10 stops in this journey.