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South Indian Railways

South Indian Railways

For the passengers and freight movement, Indian Railways are the major means of transportation. Railways played a very vital role in developing the agriculture and industries of India. It comprises a huge network of 7,817 locomotives, 4,904 coaching vehicles along with 7,031 stations, which smear over an itinerary length of around 63,221 kilometers. South Indian Railways is one of the major railway networks and an important sub-division of the Indian Railways.

The Origin of South Indian Railways

South Indian railways were set up in 1951, 14 April, with the head quarters located in Chennai. It was established during the amalgamation of three-state railways including Mysore State Railways, Southern Indian Railways and Southern and Madras Mahratta Railways. South Indian Railways are assumed to be the first independent railway lines in India. This zone got separated into six other divisions comprising Salem, Trivandrum, Tiruchchirapalli, Palghat, Madurai and Chennai. Annually, more than 500 million populace commutes on South Indian Railways network. In fact, Southern railways generate all its income from the passengers rather than shipments, making it distinct from other Indian railway zones.

History of South Indian Railways

South Indian railways was initially, formed at the time of the British, when Great South Indian Railways Company was established in 1853 in Britain. Tiruchirappalli at the beginning was selected as its headquarter. Though, in 1890 it became a company and got registered in London. Chennai, which is a capital metropolis of Tamil Nadu provides as a South Indian railways headquarter.

Expansion of South Indian Railways

The Railway Board, in 2005, permitted the set up of another new railway division in order to enhance the infrastructure of administration and railway in the South region. Soon after its establishment, Salem was proclaimed to be the new headquarter. This beginning came out to be constructive for the Railways department as well as helped the department to launch improved train services. To name a few Tiruppur and Coimbatore are the major divisions of Salem railway department, which further forms a vital part of South Indian Railways.

Meter Gauge

Meter Gauge is the major Southern railway track. The improvements are still being made in order to initiate a few more tracks of broad gauge. This would further assist the Southern Railways to link to other Indian Railways zones. The southern division is also making efforts to develop the status of stations, develop high quality catering stalls along with automated signal systems. The Central Station of Chennai is assumed to carry over one million people daily. There are many other stations like Thiruvanathapuram, Madurai and Tiruchirpalli, which are still being developed.

The official website of South Indian Railways

South Indian Railways comprises an official website, from where you can extract information related to the time table, reservation etc.