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Special Services for Senior citizens and Lady passengers

Indian railway considers senior citizen as someone special and treats them accordingly. First of all fare concessions are given to them. One needs to be above the age of sixty to be eligible for fare concession. 30 percent of fare is subsidized for male senior citizens while female senior citizens are given 50 percent concession in basic fare. Remember no concession is granted by Ticket checking staff on board a train and hence fare concession should not be demanded by any senior citizen. Whatever fare concession is granted is at the booking counter. If they purchase advance reservation ticket they are eligible for fare concession. If they purchase a second class ordinary ticket availing the concession and present the same for instant reservation they will be treated as general passenger and charged accordingly.

While allocating berths the software is so made to take into account the age of a passenger and if one is found to have crossed 60 years, a lower berth is automatically allotted. But that is subject to availability of lower berths. Similarly, two lower berths in every coach of a particular train are earmarked as Senior citizen Quota. These berths are available for pregnant lady, lady above 45 years of age or senior citizens. This is made to ensure hassle free travel as climbing onto an upper or middle berth is not suitable for these categories of passengers.

In one sleeper coach of a train six berths are earmarked for lady passengers and the quota is known as lady’s Quota. A lady or a group of ladies is allotted such berths to ensure their hassle free travel.

All these measures are made to respect lady and senior citizens travelling in Indian railways. At the time of purchasing tickets such quotas can be accessed by them.

In almost all trains a special bogie is attached for lady passengers. No male travelers are allowed to travel in such bogie. Recently, railway minister Mamata Banerjee has started a series of suburban trains known as Lady’s special to honour them and ensure their hassle free travelling.