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Standard Fire And Special Perils Policy From Bharati AXA General Insurance

To save one’s assets from risks against natural calamities and other perils and incurring substantial financial loss then one should opt for Bharati AXA general insurance to free us from all the worries and secure the financial part of one’s life.

Bharati AXA General Insurance offers the Standard Fire and Special Perils policy.

The Standard Fire and Special Perils policy is a comprehensive package for business which secures the financial loss incurred during fire and other perils.

The main features of the Standard Fire and Special Perils policy are:

1. It covers assets that can be easily destroyed by fire and other perils.

2. Earthquake and terrorism covers are also included in a wide range of add-on covers.

3. Multiple options provided for stock covering which consist of declaration policy, floater declaration policy and floater policy.

The Standard Dire and Special Perils policy covers against the following risks:

1. Fire
2. Implosion/explosion
3. Lightning
4. Damage to air craft
5. Impact damage
6. Natural calamities
7. Landslide which includes rockslide, subsidence
8. Operations for missile-testing
9. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, pipes
10. Bush fire

Additional covers provided are:

1. Fees for the surveyors, consultants and architects for 3% in excess of the claim amount.
2. Forest fire
3. Removal of debris for 1% in excess of the claim amount.
4. Spoilage material damage


1. Fire cause by natural heating, own fermentation.
2. Excess amount and consequential loss
3. War
4. Order to burn by public authority