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About Star Utsav:

STAR UTSAV is a free-to-air Hindi general entertainment channel and one of the most watched channel in India. It holds a very good ranking among the Hindi channels. Star utsav is a part of Star TV,the best of Hindi programming to millions of viewers across India. The channel features some of STAR PLUS’ most popular programmes such as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki and Kasautii Zindagii Kay from episode one. Other exciting programming includes comedies, thrillers, cookery, kids shows, mythological and game shows, as well as Bollywood films.

Star Utsav Programs:

Entertainment programmes:

• Telemart • Aaa Telecare • Global Telemall • Sampurna Ramayan • Kavyanjali • Kahiin To Hoga • Darnamana Hai • Khichdi • Saibaba • Shri Krishna

Kids programmes:

• Disney Time • Sonpari • Shaka Laka Boom Boom • Emperor's New School Yr 1

Real shows:

• Film Utsav

Star Utsav Programs:

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

This is the story of the trials and tribulations. Some of the characters are namely Anurag, Prerna, Mohini, Moloy, Komolika and Prerna. Anurag is a honest and straightforward person and He runs the family business on his own. He falls in love with Prerna, very intelligent. girl of traditional values who was the second child of Moloy's best friend rajesh.however anurag had to face the ire of his class-conscious mother in this issue.

Moloy was very much scared of his wife, Mohini. His son controls his office and his wife controls their home.He is very close to Rajesh Sharma.and hence they dream about getting their children, Anurag and Prerna, getting married to each other. The children resist the idea at first, but later fall in love with each other.however,Anurag was forced to agree when his mother arranges to get him married to Komolika, spoilt daughter of rich parents.

Prerna is shattered and decides to take revenge on Anurag. A remorseful Anurag does everything he can to help her - to the extent that he even aids her in her quest for revenge.

Kahiin to Hoga:

This is the story of journey of five sisters, Kashish, Kanan, Mouli, Mehek and Charu. They are like the five fingers of hand each different from other.

Kashish beautiful,honest and loving daughter of Prof Sinha sister leads the story, She is an epitome of middle-class values, a character with whom everyone would relate instantly. Kashish's falls in love with Sujal, the rich, arrogant industrialist, Due to an unexpected twist of fate she ends up marrying his best friend Piyush. A serious misunderstanding continue to exist between Sujal and Kashish from there on, Kashish's life takes a new turn.This triangular,love story of Kashish-Sujal-Piyush affects the life of the other four sisters too.


Khichdi is a funny joint family that has one thing that makes it distinct.They laugh and make others laugh.evryone seemed to be happy though everyone had problems and idiosyncrasies. This is a funny bunch of people united in their movement to get separated. The issue is that They want to sell their ancestral property and move out and form their own nuclear families. But the head of their family doesn't agree. nobody was ready to let go of the money that's due to them hence they decided to stay together and wait for the 'head' to change his mind or stop breathing, whichever happens first. Khichdi,to be more simpler a look at the lighter side of an Indian joint family.