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TATA Postpaid Card

TATA Postpaid Card

To buy a Tata postpaid card you should go to the office or you can buy through dealers. You have to fill in the form and give copies of address proofs and identity proofs. You can pay the Tata postpaid card bill through several means and those ways are discussed here below.


People can pay their Tata Postpaid card bill instantly through online. They can use any of the following options to pay the amount. They are,

  • valid Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • Diners,
  • Citibank E-Cards or American Express Credit Card.

Even you can pay through the net banking account with the help of various banks like Bank of India, Bank of Baroda (Corporate), Bank of Baroda (Retail), Centurion Bank of Punjab, Citibank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank etc. You can receive the online confirmation and also the Transaction Reference Number.

The payment can also be done in 3 steps to understand How to pay Tata Postpaid card bill online which will be easy and it will be more convenient for you people. They are:

  • First, you need to provide the bill details. You should mention the account number and also the telephone number. After that specify the amount you going to pay and click on the pay button.
  • Secondly, choose the payment option. So, you will be directed to the payment options page in which you need to mention the name, contact number and email id. Then, select the payment option either through credit card or net banking and click on the submit button.
  • Finally, confirm the payment. Now, you will be directed to the payment gateway page where you need to enter the credit card details. Then your payment will be credited.