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Tata Aig Life Ayushman Yojana

Tata AIG Life Ayushman Yojana is a single premium plan under which the insured need to pay the premium at the commencement of the insurance policy term. This plan has been designed especially for those people that are residing on the rural parts of the country and are earning on some specific seasons.

The key features of Tata AIG Life Ayushman Yojana Insurance policy are as follows:

  • The policy remains in force only for ten years.
  • It also offers death benefit and that is normally given to the nominee of the policy.
  • This policy do offers maturity benefit that is generally 125 of the single premium that has been paid for making this policy very effective.
  • The insured is also eligible for getting tax benefit under this policy on the premiums that has been paid. The tax benefit is twenty percent of the total money that has been assured in this policy. This very tax benefits are also subjected to the amendments that are done on the income tax act.
  • The policy can be subscribed by the people that are between eighteen and sixty years of age.
  • The coverage limits of Tata AIG Life Ayushman Yojana insurance policy are as follows:
  • Coverage limits ........ Sum assured
  • Minimum death benefit ..... Rs. 5000/-
  • Maximum death benefit ..... Rs. 50,000/-

These are some of the features and benefits of Tata AIG Life Ayushman Yojana Insurance policy. For further details on this policy, people are requested to have a visit at their nearby branch office of Tata AIG Life or get in touch with a certified Tata AIG Life insurance agent.