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Teesta Tea Festival

Teesta Tea Festival is a very popular tourism festival id West Bengal. West Bengal has tea producing districts at the northern part of the state and thus this festival is celebrated in North Bengal mostly. The neighboring states of Bhutan, Sikkim and Assam also produce large amount of tea. The festival is celebrated during the month of November or December every year. During this time many tourists flock to the state for being a part of the Teesta Tea Festival.

  • This festival in Darjeeling is organized by the West Bengal Tourism, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council and Sikkim Tourism and supported by the Government of India Tourism along with the Private Tour Operators and Hotel owners.
  • The splendid natural beauty and the soothing atmosphere of Darjeeling increase the popularity of the festival. With enjoying the festival people also enjoy the beauty of the hill station. The festival promoted tourism as well.
  • Teesta Tea Festival is coordinated among the hilly areas of Darjeeling. The tea that Darjeeling produces is called the Champagne of the east.
  • The festival is celebrated in a grand manner and seen by huge crowds of people including locals and tourists from all over the country as well as foreign countries. The festival also features many events full of excitation and fun. The events are food fair, film fest, toy train ride, water sports, visit to sanctuaries and famous monasteries, nature walk etc.
  • The calm hilly area achieves an unlike proportion with tremendous color and music of celebration. The festive atmosphere during the Teesta tea festival refreshes every one visiting this place.