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Top Business Schools in India

Top Business Schools in India

With the continuous expansion of the economy in India, the significance of Business Schools has improved tremendously. Some of the top business schools in India offer postgraduate and undergraduate courses along with diploma programs in management. Business schools are being set up with an aim to provide employment to the youth of India and serving to the human-resource requirements of a diverse service sector and industries in order to help the economy of India in sustaining the growth. With the increase in demand for MBA qualified students, several top business schools are established in India. The top business schools in India are mainly regulated by the government and private sector.

Courses offered by some of the top business schools in India are Hotel Management, Business Administration, Agriculture Business Management and Software Enterprise Management to name a few. There are a few top business schools in India, which offer admission to the aspirants either on the basis of the merit or through entrance tests, which are mainly held by the education board system of a particular state. The business schools of India offer high quality facilities, assorted management programs and elaborate infrastructure to the students. By enrolling into the top business schools in India, a student can gain an edge over others.

1) Indian Institute of Management
Vastrapur Ahmedabad Ph: +91-79-2630 7241

IIM, Ahamedabad is the premier institute in India with excellent teaching and training facilities. It offers 100% placement and the institute ranks 68 among world’s best 100 Universities. The improvement in standards of this Institute is owed to the co-coordinative efforts of teachers and young aspirants.
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2) Indian Institute of Management
Kolkata, West Bengal. Ph: +91-33-22824598

IIM, Kolkata is the key institute in India for professionalizing the management course through their postgraduate and doctoral programmes. The institution has gained global reputation and is aiming to develop as international centre of excellence.
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3) Indian Institute of Management
Bangalore, Karnataka

This is one of the top management training institutes in India with highly accomplished teaching faculties. The centre offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes in management. IIM, Bangalore is in close collaboration with many MNCs and also in government sectors.
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4) Xavier Labour Relations Institute
Jamshedpur Ph: +91-0562-2852135

XLRI is one of the best business and management study centre in India with a set of eminent scholars and professionals within India and other Universities abroad conducting classes. The institute offers 100% placement for pass outs and they aim to create cutting edge ideas in the field.
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5) [FMS Delhi|Faculty of Management Studies]]
University of Delhi, New Delhi. Ph: +91-011

FMS is one among the top business schools in India with 100% campus placement. The graduate and post graduate programmes offered here are meant for creating ultimate professionals for development of Indian economy. It is the only institute associated to a University to get place in top ten lists.
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6) India Institute of Management
Lucknow. Ph: +91-522-2736653

[IIM Lucknow|IIM, Lucknow]] is counted as one of the prime choices of aspirants in business field. The institute is in collaborative with many foreign Universities and industries. The two year PG programme and four year FPM are offered by this IIM. It also has student exchange programmes with other foreign Universities.
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7) Indian School of Business
Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Ph: +91-40-23007000

ISB, Hyderabad offers undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate diploma programmes in business and management with a set of eminent professors and lecturers. Visiting lecturers from many foreign institutes and industries are conducting academic programmes in ISB.
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8) Management Development Institute
Gurgaon. Ph: +91-124-2349831

MDI, Gurgaon is one among the top institutes in India in management studies and is regarded as centre of excellence in different fields like corporate governance, energy management and more. MDI is in close collaboration many Indian and foreign universities. This also includes student and faculty exchange programmes with foreign universities.
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9) India Institute of Management
IIMK Campus P.O., Kozhikode. Ph: +91-495-2803001

The institute is destined to create high end professionals with leadership quality. The training and research is in such a way to develop caring and fair minded peoples with sharp ideas for prospective society.
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10) India Institute of Management
Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Ph: + 91-731-4228400

IIM, Indore is one among the choices of management studies for students urging to be ultimate in this field. The institute creates socially equilibrated leaders and entrepreneurs for the development of Indian as well as world economy.
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