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Top Dental Colleges in India

Top Dental Colleges in India

The dental colleges in India are well-known for their world-class facilities based on the modern equipments and top-class lecturers. There are various renowned dental colleges in India, conducts lectures by the highly professional doctors. These lectures in turn assist the students in getting better exposure and knowledge about the dental care industry. The dental colleges of India solely aim at producing top-class dentists every year. The colleges specialized in providing Dental education are scattered all over the India, which makes it possible for the dental aspirants to continue with their higher education.

The Dental Council of India is the first incorporated body to commence the dental education in India. The colleges offer a balanced chase of community service, significant research and excellent teaching, thus providing contemporary learning atmosphere for the staff and students. The dental colleges in India are very well-equipped with the essential modern facilities comprising a full fledged clinic along with an excellent panel of faculty. The dental colleges are scattered over the length and breadth of the country. Some of the states and cities where one can get access to the top dental colleges in India are Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Harrying, Maharshtra and Kerala etc, to name a few.

1) Maulana Azad Medical College

New Delhi. Ph: +91- 011-23239271

Department of dentistry in Maulana Azad medical college is considered as the best in India with eminent professors and lecturers delivering lectures. International level facilities provided here makes the students to be pioneers in the field.
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2) Seth G.S Medical College
Mumbai. Ph: +91-022-24136051.

This medical college, being one among the top centres in medical education in India, is counted as excellent in dental science.
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3) College of Dental Surgery
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

This first self financing dental college in India has raised its standards to be one among the best in Indian dental colleges. High standard facilities provided in the college makes the students perform well and to be an asset to the nation.
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4) Dental College
Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum

Dental college in Trivandrum is renowned of students who got pass out from the college and holding lead positions in well known hospitals all over India. Excellent infrastructure and guidance from the part of college makes it one among the top in India.
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5) Dental College
Medical College Campus, Kozhikode

Dental college of Kozhikode is well known of high quality academicians and facilities provided along with advanced training. The college supports the development of intellectual dynamism among students with support of external agencies.
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6) Govt. Dental College & Hospital
Fort, Mumbai

The college offers undergraduate and post graduate courses in dentistry. Academic benefits for students are mainly because of high quality teachers and courses in modern branches of dental science.
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7) Amrita College of Dentistry
Cochin, Kerala

Amrita college of dentistry is the part of AIIMS, a charitable Institution in Kerala with most modern infrastructure and hospital facilites. The centre offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in dental science.
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8) Army College of Dental Sciences
Secunderabad, A.P.

This is one of the top colleges in India destined to produce excellent professionals in the field on dental science. They create doctors with experience in advanced fields of dentistry and with responsibilities to the society and nation.
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9) Govt. Dental College

     Jamnagar, Gujarat. Ph: +91-0288-2750368

The college is rated as one of the top among Indian dental colleges and one of the prime choices of students. Faculties are of high standards and facilities provided are much enough to incubate pioneers in India medical field.
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     10) Govt. Dental College & Hospital

Medical College Campus, Aurangabad

The college offers masters degree in dental science with most modern facilities and highly qualifies professors and lecturers for guidance. The students are getting much exposure and experience in the college to develop as a responsible practitioner.
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11) M.S. Ramaiaha Dental College, Bangalore

12) Guru Govind Singh College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre
Burhampur, Madhya Pradesh

13) Manipal college of Dental Science