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Tourism and Indian Railway

India is a culturally rich country. It has got beautiful valleys, water falls, and lush greenery. Historical monuments, temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, pagodas and Gurdwaras are seen in every nook and corner of India. Snowy mountains are added attraction. If one wants to find solace and peace, India has got solutions for that in the form of hermitage at the top or foot of the Himalayan Mountains. Around the year some kinds of festivals go on which attract people to enjoy. This richness of cultural monuments attracts people from every walk of life and from all parts of the country and the world.

For this reason, tourism is a big industry of India. When we think o travelling, obviously Indian Railway comes to our mind. Indian railway has got a vast network of rail lines and on those routes innumerable trains ply carrying different kinds of passengers. Trains are cheaper and reliable mode of transport in India. As air travelling has not got wide acceptance Indian railway has come to become a viable alternative mode of travel. Railway touches almost all important and less important places and this tourism.

There are so many kinds of luxurious trains like ‘Palace On Wheel’ ‘Mahaparinirman Express’ that caters to the need of tourists. Place on wheel traverses some important tourist destination in and around Rajasthan starting from New Delhi. There are so many tour packages available to see sprawling beautiful beaches in Kerala, Toys trains in Matheran, Darjeeling, Shimla and Ooty. Indian Railway Catering and tourism corporation (IRCTC) provides and various specialized services related to tourism like ticketing.

Indian railway also introduces special trains to important tourism locations in a particular part of the year to coincide with any festival or fare, to clear the extra rush of tourists to that particular destination. It has got Round tour ticket for groups that is solely a ticket for tourists. This ticket has got high flexibility and fare happens to be a bit less as compared to single journey ticket. To facilitate easy and planned travel Indian railway sells ticket 90 days before the schedule commencement of the journey. This period gives ample room for people to plan their journey much in advance.