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Tourist Visa

What is a Tourist Visa?

A Visa in Latin meaning “A Paper that has been seen” is an indication that a person is valid to enter a country which issued that visa. A Visa need not be always documents; it would be a stamped page on the passport. There are many type of permits to differentiate and mention the rights the person is entitled when he remains in the country after his entry to the country. One such permit type is called a tourist visa.

A Tourist Visa is a type of document issued by a country to permit any individual as a tourist to that country. A person in a tourist visa is legally permitted to go around the places in the country where he has been permitted and visit various tourist places.

For example: If you wish to have a personal experience of the beauty of the beast the Grand Canyons in Arizona, then you should get a tourist visa from USA embassy to enter the United states of America as a tourist.

How do you apply for a Tourist Visa?

Embassy is the representative of a country’s immigration department. Find the embassy (of the country you wish to travel) location in the nearest city to you or the embassy website. If you wish to visit Melbourne, find the Australian embassy nearer to you or if you wish to visit the Grand Canyon, find the American embassy nearer to you.

• Download the Visa application form,

• Duly fill in the details required,

• Read the instructions in the Application form thoroughly before completing the form

• Pay the Visa processing fee as a demand draft or check however it is required by the embassy.

• There might be an interview or may not be an interview for tourist visa depending on the embassy rules. Schedule up your interview date if it is required.

• Clear the interview if it is required by the embassy

• Embassy might take your passport to stamp your visa during the interview or they might ask you send your passport by postal mail for stamping.

• After stamping your visa, they would send it via post to your address or they may ask you to come in person with the receipt on a specific date.

A Tourist Visa is called as a Visitor’s Visa in United States. There are many other activities apart from being a tourist with camera and camcorder is allowed for a tourist visa holder. The activities allowed might vary from country to country. We should read the instructions in the embassy website before applying for the country.

For Example, In the united states a Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa is appropriate apart from visiting tourist places to visit Friends and Family, to take rest, take medical treatments, take part in un paid arts entertainment events etc..