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Transfer Bharat Gas Connection

The transfer of a Bharat Gas connection is relatively simple and easy. It is just like getting a new Bharat Gas connection and is done within few days.

Documents required for transferring a Bharat gas connection

Not all the below-mentioned documents are required but the customer has to show some proof to authenticate that the new address is indeed his address and he will be the one using the Bharat gas and no one else.

Documents required for address and identification -

  • Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Passport
  • Employer's Certificate
  • Voters Identity Card
  • Flat allotment / possession letter
  • Telephone bill
  • Rent Receipt.

Steps to be followed to transfer Bharat Gas connection

  • You need to contact the dealer under whom you have taken the Bharat Gas connection.
  • Take your subscription voucher and Domestic gas holder card.
  • Now you have to give request letter requesting for the transfer of your gas connection to your dealer.
  • The dealer will be cross checking your earlier documents and then will be refunding your deposited money.
  • You should carry your domestic gas holder card with you for the connection transfer to the new place.
  • Along with this the applicant also needs to present some details about its new residential premises mainly the address.
  • You can even apply for gas transfer connection via online. visit: Bharat Gas New Connection. All in all, for the completion of the entire process, will take 5 to 7 working days.

If the Bharat Gas transfer is in same or nearby city 

  • The existing dealer would issue a Customer Transfer Advice (CTA) only on the production of Subscription Voucher.
  • The Customer transfer advice is valid only for three months from the date of issue.
  • The subscription voucher with Customer service voucher and Transfer Advice should be produced to the new distributor.
  • Your new distributor will issue a new Subscription Voucher with a new consumer number at the distributorship.
  • Here you need not submit the equipment cylinder and regulator.

If the Bharat Gas transfer is to any other place then 

  • Surrender your connection by returning the cylinder and regulator to your existing dealer and obtain a TA (Termination Voucher)
  • You should collect termination voucher from your current location dealer.
  • You will be refunded with your initial caution deposit only if you submit Subscription Voucher.
  • Domestic gas holder card can then be used to get the gas connection instantly in the new area from a new distributor.
  • Submit the TA to the distributor and pay the security deposit along with the documentation fees as applicable.
  • You will get a new Subscription Voucher ( SV ) and the equipment i.e. the Cylinder/s with Pressure Regulator by the new distributor.

For more information, you can visit Bharat Gas Booking.

In order to find out the nearest gas holder of your new area you can log on to Bharat Gas Offices