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Tujhko Hai Salaam Zindagi

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TITLE: Tujhko Hai Salaam Zindagi

Tujhko Hai Salaam Zindagi is a serial telecasted in Sony TV from December 10, 2007. It takes the audience through the journey of girl named Manya..
Maanya is a 18 years old girl,who seem to be energetic and fun filled but beneath the surface carries a depth that makes her very grounded and focused. She has been brought up with simple dream.she have got immersed herself in her biggest passion – dance. Maanya lost her father who was a police officer and had died on duty at her very younger stage. Maanya’s grandfather, Havaldar Vaidji is a man who lost every hope in life after the death of his only son. Her mother wishes to see Maanya as a soft and demure girl and she wants her daughter to pursue her passion for dance. maanya sees a spark in her grandfather’s eyes for the fist time in eighteen years, when she comes dressed as a police inspector for a college play, but then Maanya decides to join the Police Force to fulfill her Dadu’s dream to bring her grandfather back to life to give him his son back.

Created by : Sphere Origins

Cast :
Pariva Pranati
Deepak Qazir/Madan Joshi
Anita Kulkarni
Gopi Desai
Parth Muni
Abhay Vakil
Simple Kaul
Meghna Malik
Sachin Khurana
Manoje Biddvai

Timings : Telecast time: 8.30 P.M to 9.00 P.M (30 mins long)

When : Telecasted on Monday - thursday

Which TV : Sony Entertainment Television India