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UK Visa India

UK Visa India requires the applicant to submit the Visa application form in person in one of the Visa application centers. UK Visa requires biometrics details of the applicant to be taken at the time of the Visa application submission; hence the visa application center requires the applicants to submit the visa in person.

Visa application to UK consulate is done in three steps:

1) Pay your visa application fee in the designated banks or alternatively you could choose to pay at the bank teller counter in the visa application center.

2) Complete the visa application form downloading from the site.

3) Visit the Visa application center
a. With the required photograph
b. Duly filled and signed visa application forms
c. Original Passport
d. And with willingness to record your biometrics data 10 digit finger print scan and a digital photograph of the visa applicant.

There are various visa categories for UK, The Visa application fees varies for each of this category. Please visit here to learn about the Visa application fees for UK.

There are guidelines to fill in the visa application form in the UK border agency website. Please visit the guidelines page before you start filling in your application.

Know your nearest visa application center before applying for the visa.

An Entry Clearance Office will try to make a decision for issuing a UK visa India based on the documents provided by you and your duly filled and signed visa application form. If the office could not get into a conclusion, the applicant needs to be interviewed personally in one of the Visa application centers. If your Visa application is denied, you would be notified at the time of your interview by the office who had interviewed you. The officer would be letting you know if you can appeal against the visa rejection.