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USA Visa India

USA Visa India is the most popular Visa. USA is considered to be the land of opportunities and lot of people plan to travel on a USA Visa for work or to study. To travel to the United States of America, a USA Visa must be affixed to one the passport pages to enter the port of entry to the United States via sea or air as a tourist or as a student or as a worker or on a business trip. The below two are the major categories of USA Visa.

Non Immigrant Visa:
Generally we would travel to USA on one of the visa types in the non immigrant visa category. When compared to immigrant category visas, the non immigrant category visas are simple with respect to the process and any alien could become easily eligible for the non immigrant category. Student Visa, Work Visa, Tourist Visa are various Non Immigrant Visa types of the USA Visa. We have H1 Visa and H4 Visa explained in the earlier articles. To know more about various visa types, visit here.

Immigrant Visa:
This type of visa would let you become a permanent resident of the United States and almost ending up with the citizenship. But Immigrant visas are complicated and complex procedure. Family based immigrant visa and employment based immigrant visa are the two types which would end up letting you acquire a green card in the United States. Family based immigrant visa could be sponsored by the family member who had become the Green Card Holder or the US Citizen.

Employment based immigrant visa could be sponsored by the employer who wishes to convert the employee a green card holder or a permanent working employee in the united states of America.
However Immigrant visa passes through two stages USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) approval and the second stage of process by the NVC (National Visa centre).