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Veeranwali is a heart touching drama which is based on the strong and beautiful relationship between a sister and her two brothers. It describes about the movement of lifes of a family through all the hardworks in thier life. This is an emotional series which offer viewers of 9X the entertaining dose of drama, relationship and emotion. A powerful story line and characters in the series make the whole drama to reach every families house through channel.

Veeranwali is the story of Simi (played by Garima Bhatnagar) and her two brothers Khushal (played by Viquar Shaikh) and Dharam (played by Adesh Chaudhary). Simi played a protected life till she meets and falls in love with Parmeet (played by Sameer Sharma). Thus Veeranwali is an heart-warming story of a strong family emotions, love, sacrifice, greed and endurance,which describes the changes in a life of a woman who loses everything which are important to her and learns to live on her own.

Characters :

Simmi Deol
Khushal Deol
Dharam Deol

Produced By : Dheeraj Kumar (Creative Eye Productions)

Casts :

Gharima Bhatnagar
Viquar Saikh
Adesh Chaudhary
Sameer Sharma

Timings : 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM

From : Monday to Thursday.

Comes on : 9X