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Virrudh is a story connected with vasudha, who is torn between her father Dhirendra Rai Singhania and her love Sushant. Her father is a powerful media man who gains political connections and is bounded with his newspaper business named “Dainik Darpan”. Vasudha, without knowing the dark side of her father, blindly trusts him. As a reward to her loyalty, her father decides to get her to lead his business but had constant fear that his secrets would be revealed to her. Some of his secret bearers includes his own family members such as Vasudha’s fiancée and the crime reporter Dainik Darpan and his mother Sinha.

The serial ‘Virrudh’ revolved around the following characters:

1. Dhirendra Rai Singhania aka DRS (played by Vikram Gokhale): is the head of the Rai Singhania family and also owner of a popular Hindi newspaper ‘Dainik Darpan’.

2. Vasudha (Smriti Irani): is the step daughter of DRS. She is one of the active member in her dad’s business. the only problem with her is that she believes her father to be the god who really seem to be a culprit.

3. Sushant (Sushant Singh): he works as a senior reporter in Dainik Darpan and was in love with vasudha. He is non-corrupt and wants to convey and expose the truth. He is the opposite of DRS and both hate each other.

4. Vedika (Achnit Kaur): Alcoholic daughter of DRS who hates her father,since she knew everything about her father.

5. Vedant (Karan Mehra): The only son of DRS.
and so many characters like that.

Produced & Directed By : Smriti Zubin Irani

Created By : Ugraya Entertainment & Applause Entertainment

Cast :

Vikram Gokhale
Smriti Zubin Irani
Achint Kaur
Karan Mehra
Mihika Verma
Sushant Singh
Ashwini Kalsekar
Govind G. Namdeo
Zarina Wahab
Mohan Bhandari
Anand Suryavanshi
Chetan Hansraj
Apara Mehta
Anup Soni
Pariva Pranati
Aashka Goradia

Timing : 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM

From : Monday to Thursday

Comes on : Sony