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Vodafone Customer Care

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Vodafone is the fourth largest private telecom operator in India after Airtel, Reliance and Tata Indicom.


  1. How to Contact Vodafone Customer Care
  2. Vodafone Postpaid Customer Care Support
  3. Vodafone Prepaid Customer Care Support
  4. Contact information of Vodafone

How to Contact Vodafone Customer Care

To apply for new mobile connection, to change service plan, to purchase new Vodafone products or plans or for any inquiry or to a complaint, Vodafone offers three ways to its users to connect to Vodafone Customer Care.

  1. Through Phone
  2. Through their website
  3. Through Vodafone Customer Care centers

Most of the mobile services like recharging online, postpaid connection details, prepaid connection details, various offers valid in postpaid as well as in prepaid connection, Internet provision on your mobile phones etc can be done from Vodafone's site without needing any assistance.

Vodafone Postpaid Customer Care Support

  • If you have opted to Vodafone postpaid connection, then you can dial 111 on your mobile to get connected to Vodafone customer care center.
  • This service is available 24/7 so you can try to contact them at any point of time.
  • After dialing 111 on your mobile, you will be redirected change language preference.
  • You can choose your favorite language option. After this step, you will be a hearing list of different services provided by Vodafone.
  • You choose one suitable option among the different options specified, or if you are in an urgent need to speak to customer care executive, you can straight away press 9 after changing the language option.
  • You need give all the personal details to the Vodafone customer care executive before getting started to negotiate your current problem.
  • Without the right input like your full name, address, email id etc customer care executive will not give you any details which you would be looking for.
  • In order to check your present phone bill, you send an SMS to 111 with the message “BILL”. Instantly you will get a message stating your current phone bill.

Vodafone Prepaid Customer Care Support

  • If you have opted to Vodafone's prepaid connection, then you can approach a customer care executive by dialing 111 which again follows the same above procedure.
  • Now if you are willing to recharge your Vodafone prepaid number then you can do it, via online by logging into and go to link Recharge number.
  • One must have a credit or a debit card with activated internet banking for this service.
  • You have to just enter the mobile number and amount to recharge, then all the net banking details you will be recharged immediately.

One can even come across all the Vodafone services by giving a visit to the nearby Vodafone service center. Here the sales executive will help you out to switch to new offers and value added service of Vodafone.

Contact information of Vodafone

The following link gives you the contact details of your close by Vodafone center: 


Call : T +91 9619215000 F +9122 24963645