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Ways of LIC Premium Payments

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India is the largest life insuring company having a client size of nearly 250 million. LIC has been the pioneer player in the insurance industry of India for last fifty two years and has kept their business processes and customer relation methodology up to date to make every transaction, made by their clients, simple and convenient. In this article we will discuss various methods and channels through which you can pay LIC premium.

Premium Payment at Cash Counter

You can pay your premium at the cash counter of any LIC branch office. The following payment options are available:

Cash – At the branch office, fill out the challah form for premium payment and submit the form along with the cash.

Cheque - Remember to cross the cheque to be account payee only and make the cheque in favor of LIC of India. Write down your name policy number and your telephone number on the back side of the cheque leaf. If you are holding more than one LIC policies, you can pay all premiums in one cheque. In that case you need to mention each policy number on the back side of the cheque leaf.

Demand Draft -The demand draft should be in favor of LIC of India . You can also mail your cheque or DD to the branch office for paying the premium.

Premium for ULIP policies can be paid at any LIC branch office.

How to Locate nearest LIC Branch Office

Visit [1] to find the nearest LIC branch in your area.

Premium Payment through ECS

Under electronic Clearance Service, you can arrange to have your bank deduct the premium amount from your bank account on a pre-designated date. To avail this free facility you need to perform following steps:

  • Check if ECS payment is available for the city where you are holding the bank account. You need to have a bank account at any of the city mentioned in the list at [2] in order to avail this facility.
  • Download a [3] and take a print out. Or collect a mandate form from nearest LIC branch.
  • Make three copies of the mandate form
  • Fill out all three copies of the mandate form, get it attested by the customer’s bank, and get it signed by the account and policy holder. Attach a photocopy of a cheque or a cancelled cheque for that bank account to the form. Clearly mention the MICR code in the form. You can find the nine digit MICR code on the first page of your cheque book.
  • Submit one copy of the mandate form to the nearest LIC branch. You should be provided with an acknowledgement letter.
  • Submit another copy of the mandate form to your bank.
  • Keep the third copy of the form to yourself for future reference.

Points to remember for ECS payment

  • Make sure adequate cash is available for ECS payment on the debit date.
  • In case the ECS is dishonored due to insufficient cash or any other reason, ECS payment will be stopped. You need to clear all dues by making payment at cash counter of any LIC branch in order to continue further ECS payment.
  • For ECS dishonor LIC charges additional Rs125.
  • When you opt for ECS payment, other methods of payment become unavailable.
  • Allowed debit dates are 7th, 15th and 28th of any month.
  • In order to change your account detail, you need to resubmit mandate form.

For further information visit [4] or call LIC call center at 1251.

Premium Payment through EBPP

You can pay your LIC premium using the Bill payment option of following Channels:

  • HDFC
  • AXIS
  • FEDERAL Bank
  • Corporation Bank
  • CITI Bank
  • LIC Credit Card
  • Tech Process-Service is available in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. Banks included are HSBC, ICICI, Saraswat Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, , Development Credit Bank, Karnataka bank, Shamrao Vithal co-op Bank, Greater Bombay Co-op bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Tech Process retail customers, SBI-GE Cards.
  • Bill Desk- Service is available in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Nasik, Pune, Mangalore, Ludhiana, Goa, Jabalpur, Indore, Hyderabad, Ajmer, Bhopal, Nagpur, Bangalore, Surat, Chandigarh, Kochi, Kanpur, Trivandrum, Jaipur, Vadodara, Kolhapur, Ludhiana, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa and Lucknow. To find out if your bank is serviced by Bill Desk visit [5].

For this payment option you can make payment using your credit card.
For more information visit [6].

Premium Payment through ATM

You can pay your LIC premium through Axis Bank or Corporation Bank ATM by following steps mentioned below:

  • Register your policy using the bank’s website.
  • After successful registration visit nearest Axis Bank or Corporation Bank ATM and use your ATM card to pay LIC premium.
  • Please note, this facility is available for Yearly, Half-yearly or quarterly payment. Monthly or SSS payment cannot be done through ATM.

Online LIC Premium Payment

You can pay your premium online using the LIC portal. To do this you need to perform following steps:

  • Register at LIC website to get user id and password for your online account.
  • Using your online account user id, enroll your policy with LIC website The date of birth of the user id should match with the date of birth mentioned in the policy for successful enrollment.
  • Once enrolled you can view and select to pay the premium of the policies which are due for payment.
  • Once you select the policies and confirm the payable amount, a warning message will be displayed to not make payment again if there was a failed transaction before and you have not checked your account.
  • Clicking ok to above message will present with the bank dropdown from which you can select your bank.
  • Upon selecting your bank the browser will redirect you to your bank’s website where you can make the payment using your net banking id and password.
  • If the transaction is successful, a message will be displayed and the receipt will be mailed to your account. You can also take a print out of your receipt online at this point.
  • The signature of the online receipt needs to be validated using the method outlined at [7]. You can download the premium certificate from [8].
  • Please note Premiums for SSS or salary savings scheme are not eligible for online payment.
  • You can find the list of banks authorized for online payment at

Payment at Axis Bank

You can pay LIC premium at any branch or extension counter of AXIS bank. You can make the payment using cash or cheque. This method is not available for SSS and ULIP or Health policies. Upon paying the premium, a receipt will be issued by AXIS bank. This is the valid receipt and no further receipt will be issued by LIC.

Payment through Authorized Collection Centre

You can make LIC premium payment using one of the following authorized collection centers:

Easy Bill Limited- You can pay LIC bill at nearest Easy Bill Ltd collection center. Locate the Easy Bill collection center in your area at For further information visit For any query or assistance call 1800-11-75-75 (Toll free), 0120-4542222.

APOnline- Residents of Andhra Pradesh can use this government agency to pay premium. To find the APOnline collection center nearest to you visit For further information visit

One Stop Shop -This 24x7 available collection center has more than 50000 location all around the country. You can locate your nearest center at For any query or assistance dial 022 4238 4238/022 6684 6684 or visit nearest collection center.

MPOnline- Residents of Madhya Pradesh can pay LIC premium through this agency. To find the nearest MPOnline collection center, visit You can find further information at

Suvidha Infoserv Pvt Ltd -You can use this e-commerce agency to pay your LIC premium. To locate the nearest collection center, visit For any query or assistance call 180022 5225.

Please note that you can only pay by cash at any authorized collection center and premium for ULIP or SSS policies cannot be paid using this channel. The authorized collection center will issue a signed payment receipt and that is the valid receipt. LIC will not provide any other receipt.

Payment through Authorized Agent, SBA or Retired Employee

You can pay LIC premium by cheque or cash to an authorized agent, Senior Business Associate or authorized retired LIC employee and obtain a signed receipt from him/her. This facility is not available for health policies or SSS policies and out stationed cheque cannot be used for this type of payment.

For any assistance regarding LIC premium payment contact LIC customer care by dialing 1251 (MTNL/BSNL) or contact nearest LIC Customer Zone. You can find contact details of LIC customer Zone in your city at