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Work Visa

A Visa allows a person to travel to the intended country and remain there for the validity period; Work Visa is a type of visa which provides the special permit of working in a foreign country. The Business Visa and Temporary worker Visa are the general types of Visa which allows a person to work in a foreign country to which the Visa is been acquired.

Business Visa:
Business Visa is a permit to visit a foreign country on a business trip, attend a conference or a seminar, to negotiate with the clients in that country, attend small training. Business Visas doesn’t permit to take up an employment and work when they were in the foreign country. It is meant for purely managerial works. The CTOs, CEOs travel to their client home country to meet with their clients on a business trip with business visas.
Example: B1 Visas to the United States of America

Temporary worker Visa:
The temporary worker visa would have a longer validity when compared to the Business visa. The Temporary worker visas grants the permission to work for a foreign employer. These types of visa are possessed by the individuals who had to go to the client site and work at onsite along with the clients. They are allowed to work in the foreign country if they have the worker visa filed by the employer of that country.
Example: H1 and L1 Visas of the United States of America. These visas are filed by the employer of the United States for the individuals.

Exit Visa:
Some countries like Saudi Arabia require an Exit Visa for the Work Visa. This type of visa is required to permit an individual to leave the country after the completion of the assignment or the project. Exit Visa needs the employer’s certificate on the individual that her responsibility had been carried out as required during the assignment time. Exit Visa also makes sure that the individual is not leaving the country with any court trials left behind.