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Workmens Compensation Policy Of Tata Aig General Insurance

By the help of the name 'workmen' we can very well understand that this policy is designed for working class people. All employers provide certain facilities to their employees, the workmen compensation policy of Tata AIG General Insurance is such that it is exclusively made for people who are working in a particular sphere, office, organisation and could also be a multinational.

This workmen compensation policy of Tata AIG General Insurance covers the employee as per the law of the state, it is the responsibility of the employer to safeguard and provide protection or help to his employee in case of any mishap. It is under an act that employer provides and keeps certain condition for their employee. The condition is such that if the person working under an organisation meets with an accident, if he dies afterwards then the company where he was working would help the person's nominee with the particular amount. Similarly if the employee looses any of his body part temporarily or becomes lame permanently then he is also given sum of money from the company. Those who are working with the firm under the law with all applicable term and condition are known as workmen.

This workmen compensation policy of Tata AIG General Insurance policy is for all companies who have people working in department which manufactures goods. Their employees come under the same law which applies that company is the protector. As per the law all companies need to abide by the law and therefore all employees need this for their employees. The unique sale point for this policy could be that all companies who have employers all over the world can go for this. As this provides assistance in 130 countries, this works in a manner that irrespective from where the policy is taken all terms and conditions are similar to companies who operate in most of the country of the world.