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Zee Cafe

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About Zee Café:

In India Zee café is one of the widely viewed channels in India. It is a 24 hour general entertainment channel in English. Zee café today gained a sizeable market share of the English viewing and speaking audience.

Since the start of Zee Café, they focussed on sourcing the best international software relevant to Indian taste and preferences. They made a research to identify the interests of the Indian audiences. Their research indicated that Indian audiences prefer to follow soaps and comedies on a daily basis than weekly. So they decided to remove best of their programmes from Mon – Thu or Mon – Fri, depending on the time-band.

They have constantly sought to maintain a platform that provides programmes in the lighter vein mixed with comedies and dramas which could receive a mass appeal. This is apart from successful programs like Friends and Sopranos.

Zee Café Programs:

• Army Wives
• After Hrs
• Ally McBeal
• America's Next Top Model
• Battlestar Galactica
• The Best Years
• The Big Bang Theory
• Candid Camera
• Dawson's Creek
• Doogie Howser, M.D.
• E! News
• ER
• Friends
• Full House
• The Gig
• Gossip Girl
• Full On
• Joey
• Journeyman
• Just For Laughs
• Mind Your Language
• Notes from the Underbelly
• The O.C.
• OZ
• Pushing Daisies
• Showbix India Xtreme
• The Sopranos
• Survivor

==The Tonight Show with Jay Leno –== It is an award winning late night talk show hosted by Jay Leno. The show had its beginning in May 25, 1992. The show is suited in NBC’s studios, in Burbank, California. The show has won the Emmy award. Jay Leno will be the host of the program till May 29, 2009 after which Conan O'Brien will be the host for the program.

==Pushing Daisies –== is an Emmy award winning American television drama created by Bryan Fuller. He is also the executive producer of Pushing Daisies. The show is about a pie maker who has the power to bring back life to dead. The first public show was performed in United States on October 3, 2007. On July 17, 2008, the show is nominated for twelve Emmy awards.

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