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About Zee News

Zee news is a 24 hour Hindi News channel which belongs to the Zee Group of Network. “Haqeeqat jaisi khabar waisi” is the tag line of Zee News which means Truth in context to reality. Zee news had won a unique position in the global media space. Zee News is available in most part of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Zee News is spread across more than 60 countries around the world with largest number of reporters and stingers connected through advanced communication links.

Zee News range of programs covers Criminal related news to Glamour and Sporting News. Kaal Kapaal Mahakaal, Crime file and Frame 3 are the most popular programs of Zee News. These programs changed the way the News is watched.

The channel is the leader and pioneer in the field of investigative journalism, with programming that go deeper into the topic than usual News Channels. Zee News won awards like EMMVIES 2004, Indian Telly Awards and The Indian Marketing Awards.

Zee News Programs

• Zee Prabhat-bulletin
• Manthan org zee p
• Kismat Ke Sitare
• Cricket/ zp
• News Top 10
• Bulletin
• Prime Time rpt
• Manoranjan
• Crime Reporter
• Zee Multiplex
• Kahiye Janab
• Hindostan Hamara
• Action Replay
• Aisa bhi hota hai org
• Desh Duniya
• Halla Bol org
• Khabar yahi hai
• Badi Khabar
• Metro News
• Crime File org

Badi Khabar - It’s the big story of the day with moving pictures, analysis and in-depth coverage- brought to you on prime time. News that missed the headline, but nevertheless has an impact on your life is Badi Khabar for Zee News. The perspective missed by most news channels is not just taken up by our expert team but all its hidden aspects are also unfolded on this award winning show.

Halla Bol is a call for revolution for the common man. The programme focuses on you, the viewer. Your problems, your trials and tribulations- we take a hard look at them all. It is an attack, on the basis of evidence, on those who are making the life of an average Indian difficult. The Halla Bol team has already unearthed corruption in railway reservation, auto rickshaw billing, gas cylinder black market etc. Watch out for your struggle being given the loudest possible voice!

Kahiye Janab - They are the A' listers - FM, Mr P Chidambaram, Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav, actor Kajol, Shiv Sena's Uddahv Thackeray and fast bolwer <a href="/node/64343">Ishant Sharma</a>. But its not just another celebrity interview; Kahiyeh Janaab is one of its kind talk show on TV, as anchor Swati Chaturvedi takes you up close and personal with celebs. So we find out that Laloo loves Thai food not ``litti chowkha, Kajol knits and Chidambaram shows us his haveli.

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